River Wye, Bigsweir

Brief description of fishery:

Due to the nature of this stretch as an important salmon fishery there are season restrictions and access is permitted only from October 18th until the 2nd of March. The stretch has varied depths from fast shallows to 8′, however as the stretch is tidal levels will fluctuate accordingly. Please be aware of this as a safety precaution. Float and feeder tactics¬† are the usual methods for both barbel and chub.

As a leased salmon fishery it is important that all rules are adhered to these include that all fish must be returned to the water and that Salmon and Trout must be returned immediately.

Live baiting with Dace and Bleak caught in the water is permitted.

Spinning is not permitted.

Close all gates and leave no litter.

Anglers must give way to Salmon anglers at all times it is their water. The only parking used must be where indicated.

ID must be left in car windscreen.


The Club lease this section from two fields above Wyeseal Farm down stream and below Bigsweir bridge to a point behind the Sloop Inn at Llandogo.

The Season runs from 18th OCTOBER to 2nd MARCH – This includes Tump Farm.

Access & Parking

Parking is available in a) the Old Station area just south and on the right hand bank below Bigsweir bridge,b) the grassed bank at the end of the track leading to Wyeseal farm at the top of the stretch situated on the left bank and at Tump farm where a small charge is made. ( do not attempt to pay before 9am) on the right bank.

You must display your MEMBERSHIP CARD on your DASHBOARD, failure to do so may result in you being charged or asked to leave, this is a valuable privilege please do not abuse it.

There are other limited parking spaces available, please park with care and consideration.



  • Barbel
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Pike
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