Rules & Constitution



The objects of The Association shall be to provide the facilities of an angling club for its members, including the organisation and provision of angling and to promote the interest of angling and anglers and their angling preference

  • The Association deems The Bettws Lane site to be a mixed fishery for the enjoyment of all angling preferences.
  • Membership entitles a member to access and fish from one official peg, whilst not effecting another members’ swim. There are over 100 pegs to choose from on the Bettws Lane site. The Bettws Lane site breaks down into the following designations:

1 – Big Morgans (specialist)

2 – School Pool (pleasure).

3 – Woodstock (match).

All members have access to fish on all three lakes. Members MUST comply with NAA Ltd rules and RESPECT all other members angling preferences.

Any member who wishes to become an officer of the Association must have been a member of the Association for three consecutive years prior to being nominated for a post.

The above are extracts from the articles of association; members can access this via their member login details

N.A.A. Club Rules

Newport Angling Association Rules


General Rules

1. Membership must be produced upon request by anyone

2. Fishing without a current rod licence is prohibited.

3. Gate keys must not be loaned out.

4. No member can night fish without a Night Fishing Membership – (waiting list applies)

5. Maximum of two rods. Must be always attended.

6. All members must have a landing net to hand

7. Dogs Must be kept on leads.

8. Dog fouling must be picked up and removed from the complex

9. The use of night lines is strictly forbidden.

10. Littering and/or leaving litter on a peg is not acceptable regardless of owner

11. Lines, shots, hooks, etc. must not be left on the pegs

12. Barbless Hooks Only

13. The use of tinned baits direct from the tin is prohibited, the bait should be brought to the water in a bait box or similar.

14. No carp to be put in keepnets or retaining slings on MORGANS pond

15. Keepnets must be a minimum of 10ft with 18-inch diameter. Mesh must be knotless, no larger than minnow mesh

16. Maximum of 60lb fish limit per keepnet.

17. Feeder fishing rigs must be free running – no bolt or fixed rigs allowed.

18. Camping and lighting fires are prohibited

19. No boats, bait boats, or drones are allowed on any club water

20. Noise pollution is not acceptable, use earpiece/ headphones please

21. Swimming, wading, and boating is prohibited

22. Interfering with plant or wildlife is not permitted

23. Bikes and scooters must be pushed

24. No trespassing on adjoining land

25. No members to interfere with onsite structures or devices.

26. Fly fishing is prohibited

27. Any fish caught in a match that exceeds the current Association weight record for that species of fish will automatically be accepted as an Association record

28. Anybody banned by the club cannot accompany another member.

29. No child under the age of 13 years old can fish on the bettws complex alone without adult supervision.

30. Dead Baiting and Lure fishing is only aloud from the 1st October to the end of March due to fish welfare

Lake Rules

1. Fishing allowed from permanent pegs only

2. No introduction or removal of fish allowed

3. Matches take precedence – check match fixture list before fishing

4. All fish to be returned unharmed

5. A maximum of one non-fishing guest. Member is accountable for guest behaviour.

6. Angler’s casting baits to pegs on the opposite bank of Morgan’s must cease immediately if another angler chooses to occupy that peg and must revert to a distance no more than halfway.

7. No junior is allowed to fish Big Morgans unless selected by the committee to receive an exemption. A parent or parental guardian may fish with a junior on the same peg on Big Morgans if both are members.

Night Fishing Rules

1. Fishing allowed from permanent pegs only

2. Must vacate lake by 6am if a match is booked for that day

3. Non-Members, juniors, and guests are prohibited

4. Night fishing on Woodstock is prohibited

5. Only green / camouflage bivvies allowed

6. Small torches only – no long periods of illumination

River Rules

1. Allow a minimum of 10 metres between anglers

2. On no account is any member of Newport Angling Association allowed to park in St Dubricious church car park

3. All fish to be returned unharmed with exception of rule 4

4. Bleak and Dace can be used for live baiting

5. Live bait must be from the river Wye

6. Dead baiting allowed using only sea baits or Bleak and Dace (from river wye)

7. Without a game fish licence, all game fish to returned immediately.

8. Night fishing is not permitted on the River Wye at Symonds Yat or Lower Bigsweir

Canal Rules

1. Allowed only from the towpath.

2. No fishing is allowed from the opposite bank, bridges, or locks.

3. Allow a minimum of 10 metres between anglers

4. No introduction or removal of fish allowed

5. All fish to be returned unharmed


1. Landing net must be of 36″ minimum length

2. Unhooking mats /Off the Ground Carp cradles must be used for Pike

3. Off the Ground Carp cradles must be ALWAYS used for the unhooking of carp

4. Carp care kits to be carried by all carp anglers

5. A maximum of 2 rods per angler

6. Minimum line strength 15Ib

7. No beach casting style setups/rigs

8. Anglers may only occupy a peg for a maximum of 72 hours.


1. All matches will be 5hrs in length. (Unless specified otherwise)

2. Competitors must fish from the platforms or designated gravelled pegs, he/she may fish as far as half the distance between his/her peg and the occupied pegs on either side. Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks, the limit of the swim is the line midway between each bank.

3. A competitor shall have in use one rod or pole, one line and one single hook at one time, but may have other rods or poles and tackle assembled for use in position behind them.

4. Barbless Hooks must be used.

5. All feeder rigs Must be free running from hook to rod tip, no bolt rigs, no elasticated feeders, no double loop rig.

6. Pike do not count.

7. Carp do not count on Morgans – Silvers only

8. Any bait, subject to local rules, can be used except live or dead fish, spinning baits or artificial lures.

9. Before the starting signal no competitor shall ground bait or loose feed the swim, but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float and position his/her equipment. On no account must a feeder be used before the starting signal. A ledger weight may be cast to find depth and distance etc, but a no time must the line be left in the water whilst continuing to set up other tackle.

10. No bait shall be introduced with a pole cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod/pole whilst continuing to fish.

11. Floating baits either hook-bait or feed-bait are not permitted.

12. Hand lining fish is not permitted, this includes handling elastics and the line from the pole/rod tip to the fish. Pulla Kits and Bungs are allowed.

13. Maximum weight limit for each keepnet is 60lb.

14. A competitor must cease fishing at the finishing signal. Should he/she still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, he/she will be permitted no more than fifteen minutes after time has been called to land the fish.

15. No competitor shall leave his/her peg at any time during the match other than to answer the call of nature and then he/she must not leave his/her baited hook in the water.

16. Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring the correct weight of their catch is recorded by the nominated official. In any dispute the decision of the weighers and the organisers will be final.

17. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter and no competitor may have his/her catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of his/her swim.

18. All the foregoing rules are subject to the byelaws of the Environment Agency, and any local rules applicable to a fishery


• Landing net must be of 36″ minimum length

• Unhooking mats / Off the ground Carp cradle must be used for Pike

•Off the ground Carp cradles must to be used for the unhooking of carp AT ALL TIMES

• Carp care kits to be carried by all carp anglers

• A maximum of 2 rods per angler

• Minimum line strength 15Ib

• No fixed rigs

• No beach casting style setups/rigs

• No rods to be left unattended

• Anglers may only occupy a peg for a maximum of 72 hours.