Netting The Lakes
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Netting The Lakes

In December we decided to carry out our annual netting and cropping of the lakes which was carried out by AE Fisheries.

Day 1- Morgan’s pond was the 1st lake to be done, we netted about 50 carp, which were in great condition, biggest fish was 20lb+ this was not all the carp in the lake as a lot were hiding out in the old pads which could be seen from the boat, we then removed about 400lb of skimmers and put them into Woodstock, we also removed 6 F1s around the 6lb+ mark and put them into School Pool.

When the netting was carried out we that we have a massive head of skimmers, roach, rudd, perch, bream, some tench and some huge pike.

The estimated weight we have in Morgan’s Pond is 6000lb+.

We cropped out small roach and Rudd and gave them to Pontyminster Angling which they have stocked in there water, by doing this it will improve water quality and allow fish to grow.


Day 2- School Pool was the next lake to be done, we again removed small roach and Rudd to give to Pontymister Angling, we then removed 9 pike and put them into Morgan’s Pond.

The netting was very impressive as found that we have a huge head of skimmers, roach, rudd, perch and F1s and small carp with an estimated weight of 2300lb+ now in the lake


Day 3- On the final day Woodstock was the location, some cropping was carried out, the fish stock were in great condition with a good head of skimmers, F1’s, carp, perch, Tench and some lovely roach, Rudd and some huge Pike  with an estimated weight of 3300lb of fish now in the lake.

If you would like to see more pictures of the stocking for all 3 lakes please go onto our website and click on nettings.

Stocking Information-

We have 500lb of F1’s arriving sometime in October that will go into Woodstock this is to combat predation, we also have 5 C6 carp arriving and these will be going into Morgan’s Pond